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Jembatan Timabang
Jembatan Timabang
Jembatan Timabang
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Last Updated
08 Oct 2017
Country Origin
Korea South
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1 Satuan

Specification of Jembatan Timabang

Weighbridge / Truck Scale

The meaning of the Weigh Bridge is a bridge that has been equipped with Loadcell sensor to read the weight of the media that will be weigh

Weigh Bridge consists of several supporting components such as:

    Indicator Scales
    Loadcell (Sensor)
    Construction Scales (Iron WF: 500/600/200 For Main Beam & Cross Beam)
    Foundation (Can be a chicken or pile)
    Software and printers

Bridge Weigh Indicator

Indicator is a tool used to read and know the weight of the car / truck weighed, just like the scales in general Indicator is an important component of a Weigh Bridge



Loadcell or so-called scales sensors is one of the part of the Weigh Bridge which is located between the foundation and the construction of the Weigh Bridge, the loadcell is generally made of Alloy Stell & Stainless Stell, Loadcell capacity depends on the capacity of the existing Weigh Bridge 20/25/30 Ton


Construction of Weigh Bridge

The construction of the Weigh Bridge is slightly different from ordinary Bridge in general, because it is made of plate and iron specially designed for weighing equipment and has been certified for example iron is

(Iron WF: 500/600/200 For Main Beam & Cross Beam)


Weigh Bridge Foundation

The foundation of the Timbang Bridge is the same as the usual foundation usually made of Piling Piling and concrete casting, only my footprint weighing pads using base plate that serves to hold the construction and Laodcell


Camera Scales

The bridge that we offer has been equipped with a camera that serves to store data cars and truck material or cars that are weighed either the number of vehicles or material truck


Software & Printers

Software Bridge Weigh the function is almost the same as software that is usually used for parking motor vehicles, only difference if ordinary parking software is not equipped with material data or weight of vehicles passing, if the software Weigh Bridge all the data can terrecord / stored.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :



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